Challenge 5. Prepare for your final presentation – Final Kids Meet.

Digital leaders are to prepare a presentation for our final kids meet of the year which will take place on Friday 5th July.

The presentation can be up to 15minutes long to the other Digital Leaders about:

  • How you have supported staff and students within your school?
  • Your favourite apps sharing how it has developed good practice and impact in your school
  • Programming- what programming does your school use- how have you debugged programs that have accomplish specific goals
  • What skills will you take forward from being a digital leader?
  • Top tips for new digital leaders
  • Share your favourite moments from the year
  • Share how have you helped the impact of computing within your school; whether it be linked to computer programming, e-safety or any other areas of computing.

And finally discuss and take part in our WOW event on Tuesday 18th June!

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