Challenge 1 – Kentmere

The Digital Leader’s at Kentmere have been really busy this half term making themselves known across school. They are wearing their badges with pride and offering support to classes across the school (particularly in KS1). We have a large poster in the corridor with our Digital Leader’s names and faces Read more…

Challenge 1 Brimrod Primary School

Our Digital Leader display board.

Leading our school assembly for pupils and staff.

We have been very busy completing Challenge 1.  We started by creating an information sheet all about ourselves explaining why we wanted to be digital leaders and what our role was. In the corridor we put up a display for the rest of the school to see.  We prepared an assembly where we introduced ourselves to pupils and staff.  We have been helping out in assemblies by preparing the equipment and software and we set up the board and computer so that we could share our powerpoint. This week we are creating our own page on our school website.   (more…)