We decided to review an educational app that we could talk to Y4-Y6 about. After researching different apps that were available, we decided to review the app ‘Little Alchemy.’ We were given a scoring sheet that we had to complete before giving it an overall rating. The app involved creating different elements of the world using only air, water, fire and land to start with. Chloe managed to create over 100 different elements. We rated it from between 16-18 out of 20. The one thing that we thought could be improved was the differentiation but we thought that it appealed to lots of children.

We then lead a session to Y4-Y6 during our computing time where we introduced the app and demonstrated how to use it. We told the children why we liked it and what we thought could be improved. It’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed it 🙂

App: Little Alchemy 2


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