Challenge 4 – Pupil Survey

The Digital Leaders designed a pupil survey in the form of a Quiz using Kahoot!


This was chosen for ease of use, and as all the reports are produced as MS Excel spreadsheets, it was easier to produce and format a graph.

There were 10 questions about a range of Online Safety issues and concerns. The answers to the questions were all multiple choice.


The quiz was completed by a total of 80 pupils across Year 5 at the end of their Computing lessons. This was considered the best way for most children to complete the survey.

These were our Questions-

  1. Someone asks you for a selfie. Should you..?
  2. You hear about someone being mean to your friend online. Should you…?
  3. You think your device has crashed. Should you…?
  4. You see a post on Instagram you think is untrue. Should you…?
  5. You are finding it hard to keep your eyes open while watching some You Tube videos. Should you…?
  6. You are doing really well on a game but you need to get to school. Do you…?
  7. You get a message from an unknown mobile number. Do you…?
  8. Someone online asks for your age, password and where you live. What do you do…?
  9. You have been chatting to someone and they ask you to meet up. What do you do?
  10. You get an unkind message sent you within an online game. Do you..?

Quiz Results – Average number of correct answers for each Question

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10
89 40 94 64 95 96 90 85 91 93

Question 2 had the least amount of correct answers, as well as question 4. An average of below 79% were correct for both questions. We think this is because not many children use Instagram, and the questions should have been about TikTok or Snap Chat.


The graph shows that Questions 3, 5 and 6 had the highest % of correct answers.

We analysed the data as a team and came up with an action plan:-



Action plan-

  • More emphasis on safety on relevant Social media platforms within Computer and PSHE lessons
  • Check every class has the Social media safety posters on display
  • Ask for the Social Media safety poster to go on the schools website and on the termly Online Safety newsletter


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