Littleborough Community Primary School has been busy introducing the Digital Leaders to the rest of the school.

For Challenge One, we had to:

  • Create a display in school showing who we are
  • Create posters to display in school which shows who we are and what our role is
  • Help set up computers for assembly or lessons
  • Prepare and lead an assembly to the whole school about Digital Leaders

First we made posters to introduce ourselves to the whole school and these have been put on a display board along the main corridor in our school. Let’s meet LCPS’s Digital Leaders:

We used these posters as part of our whole school display:

We also held a whole school assembly, here are the slides from our


Here are some pictures of us leading the assembly; it was nerve wracking!

We have really enjoyed Challenge 1 and we can’t wait to complete Challenge 2 next half term!




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Benjamin (heap bridge) · October 29, 2019 at 1:05 pm

Well done with this challenge and good luck or the next one.

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