In preparation for E-safety day, we made presentations about how to stay safe online and presented to multiple classes throughout the school. We also worked with the school council and they made posters about it. We loved making the presentation because of the feedback we got from it. Teachers had great responses to us because of the answers we gave to the children’s questions. We planned to hold a drop-in session for people around the school that had questions about E-safety and that was on Tuesday 11th February.

By Iyla and Hanna.


We (digital leaders) created a presentation about e-safety and we learned that if you press accept cookies websites can pop up, which surprised us. We presented to year 2 and 1. We worked with school council by sharing information for them to create posters displayed around school and with Nursery/Reception looking at different books to share. We enjoyed answering questions and showed everyone how to be SMART online- safe, meet, accepting, reliable, tell.

By Ben, Matteusz and Spencer.

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Ben · March 4, 2020 at 5:53 pm

So it’s me, I am a digital leader that did this. I also really enjoyed working with Mateusz and Spencer to create this presentation. I enjoyed presenting it and we added something funny so Years 2 and 1 weren’t bored. It was basically a cat gif. If you want to know which one, it was this one on Giphy:

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