Online Safety week at Bowlee

This year the Digital Leaders have been very busy with different activities throughout school.

  • Reception – Ashdon, Chirayu, Amidat & Jakub all read the online safety stories ‘Tek’ and ‘Charlie button’, ‘It’s just a Game’ and ‘Troll Stinks’.
  • Year 1 –Beverly, Amani, Ashdon & Chirayu also read the online Safety stories ‘Digi Duck’, ‘Charlie Button’ and ‘Troll stinks’.







Amidat, Beverly, Amani, Chirayu, Franky & Harrison led an assembly for the whole of year 1







Jakub, Beverly, Amani, Chirayu, Harrison and Franky led an assembly for the whole of Year 2.







The focus of the assemblies were encouraging the younger children to speak to an adult if they see anything that upsets them online.

They even had the Year 1 children singing ‘Jessie’s Song’-






Every class took part in different activities –



Year 1 and 2 created Digital Timelines of technology and were able to identify old and new devices.





Year 3 and 4 talked about which apps they use and discussed ‘How much time they spend on certain apps’. They selected ‘things that they cannot change’, ‘things they have control over’ and ‘things they have influence over’.





Year 5 and 6 worked in small groups and chose which scenarios were positive, negative or not sure.




We had an amazing week sharing our knowledge and skills with all of the children at Bowlee Park.

We hope every one of you had a great time too!



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