At Littleborough Community Primary School, we have gone for Silver this half term.


Bronze 1: Present an assembly to the school promoting ‘Safer Internet Day’ and what E-safety and Digital Literacy is.

After Safer Internet Day, the digital leaders hosted a whole school assembly to promote internet safety day and showcase the work the school had done towards this.  The children not only shared work but also talked about the pros and cons of being online and discussed different scenarios with the children.  They focused on cyber bullying and their online presence.  They then took questions at the end of the assembly and answered them well.

Bronze 2: Help staff prepare and put up an e safety display with facts for each key stage linking to the national curriculum.

Some of the children helped put up e-safety displays in classrooms for new teachers in their own time and then the digital leaders put up a whole school display showcasing all the e-safety work done on Safer Internet Day. The digital leaders also checked each classroom for e-safety rules and distributed e-safety rules posters around the school and classrooms.  

(pictures to come soon)

Silver 1:  Host lunch time drop in session for pupils

The children carried on with multimedia club this half term and had their drop in session run alongside this.  The drop in session was well attended by the children in KS2 and they asked some good questions.  The digital leaders were able to answer them sensibly and gave excellent advice each time.  We had a range of questions about:

  • Apps
  • Online presence
  • Social media
  • Cyber bullying
  • Hacking accounts
  • Receiving messages from strangers
  • Worrying about parents being online


Silver 2:  Present to children how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly

The digital leaders have been presenting how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly through their multimedia club and their drop in sessions.  When children have had issues accessing images for their multimedia presentation, the digital leaders were on hand straight away to help them tell an adult what was going on and search again for the correct image.

They have also discussed how to use technology safely during their drop in sessions at lunchtime.

Plans are in place for the digital leaders to host another assembly next half term to continue to share good practise for using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly in school. 

Silver 3: Act as a role model to other children

The children have acted as excellent role models this half term as digital leaders.  Through their lunchtime club, drop in sessions and the way they conduct themselves in assemblies, they have shown just how mature they are and more children have been coming to ask the digital leaders questions.  The children have also shown great maturity during their discussions with other members of staff, being a true role model to other children with the way they hold a conversation with a variety of adults. 


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