Spring term 2

Challenge 4 – Evaluating software applications (Apps) & Writing Reviews

Develop a library of reviews on educational apps/programmes (by the children)


Explain apps to other children e.g. Drop in sessions at lunch or beginning of class sessions

Explore a range of apps to use in the classroom and share with staff and children to develop this further within your school.


Use a variety of video making programmes to create guides on apps for staff and children

Run a survey to gather evidence of what apps are used within your school

Assist staff with using an additional educational app which could be embedded within the classroom.


Silver criteria +

Post multimedia videos on school website

Spread the word using school social media accounts alongside Digital Leader teacher

Spread the word of Online Safety and enhance programming skills through the use of an app- share these with the school; teachers and staff.

Please try to upload your Challenge 4 app reviews before Friday 1st April 2022.


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